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At IronFlower Fitness we believe in integrated training

Unfortunately, just pumping iron, sweating on the treadmill, doing plyometrics or following diets will not deliver results in the most efficient way as muscle has memory and the only way to guarantee true effective and longterm results is by consistently changing ones workouts. Our specialty is combining a variety of training methods to keep it fun for you and to avoid plateaus and open the door to perfect training supported by the right nutrition. This will lead to the results that you have always desired! IronFlower Fitness also offer personal training packages that you can customize.


  • Box180
    This high powered workout mixes classic boxing techniques with various conditioning and strength exercises to challenge your muscular, cardiovascular and mental endurance. You will mountain climb, push up, jab and uppercut your way through a physically exhausting 60 minute workout set to an ever-evolving beat thumping playlist. You are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and a sweat soaked body begging for more. Bring on the Sweat Party!
  • Abs, Butt & A Little More
    A dynamic class full of movements that will effectively tone your abs, booty, legs and arms. These intense exercises are designed to sculpt those troublesome zones into shape.
  • Barre Burn
    This is a killer workout to add variety to your strength-training regimen. Exercises are designed to strengthen and stretch every major muscle group and believe me, you will sweat!
  • Rockhard Bootcamp
    The class is a fun kick your butt workout designed to rev your metabolism, shred & cut sexy muscles, & make you firm up & get defined like you've never imagined! Set to hot club beats, this metabolic workout incorporates Intervals of traditional cardio sculpting, functional exercises, plyometrics, core work, kickboxing & dance followed by a floor segment for core, sculpting, abs and stretching.
  • Bounce
    How low can you go? Tone your booty and legs while mixing it with a high energy “Miami Heat style” booty dance routine. Do you really got back, baby?
  • Indoor Cycling
    Come sprint, climb and coast your way to ultimate fitness. This indoor cycling class provides a challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels. Participation in the Spinning program will enhance your speed, strength, stamina and improve your overall physical health while increasing your caloric burn.
  • TRX Suspension
    In using the TRX suspension system, your muscles have to work in three dimensions, so all your supporting muscles have to engage, and body weight acts as your resistance. The TRX is versatile and suitable for all types of exerciser; incredibly challenging for the experienced and advanced buff, to even the seniors with weak upper body strength. Best of all, the TRX is fun, and so versatile, your workout time flies past - which is great for those people who easily get bored with normal fitness regimes.
  • Pilates Reformer
    Considered a mind, body and spirit workout. The smooth, almost dance-like motions and an emphasis on proper breathing leave participants feeling refreshed and open. The exercises require concentration, control, precision specific breathing patterns and dynamic, fluid movements. Deep abdominal muscles remain fully engaged during the workout, while torso, arm and leg movements are performed against spring resistance. Whether you are getting in shape, rehabilitating from an injury or chronic pain, training for an athletic competition, improving your sports technique, or just looking for an interesting, new physical challenge, this class is for you!
  • Kickboxing
    Kickboxing blends athletic drills with martial arts to create an intense and fun cardiovascular workout. Our typical kickboxing class begins with a five to 10 minute warm-up that involves large muscle movements to increase blood flow and heat up the muscles. The main portion of the class involves combinations of punches and kicks that are usually repeated multiple times to ensure mastery. Class concludes with a three to five minute cool-down that involves static stretching of the hips, shoulders and core.
  • Zumba®
    A fusion of Latin and International music – dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.
  • Circuit Training
  • Vinyasa Yoga
    Vinyasa is characterized by flowing poses that are linked to the breath guiding you through a deep, personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with your body, mind and soul. Vinyasa will take you to a new level of strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, stamina and body awareness by incorporating a variety of dynamic flows, static holds, inversions and core conditioning.

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